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Hope for Them is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization headquartered in Manhattan, NY. We serve as a reliable and efficient non-governmental participant in contributing to the survival of the poor, the sick, children, adults, those physically challenged, those in need, and anyone affected by a natural disaster. We partner with musicians, doctors, educators, and philanthropist to bring materials, special projects, and events to individuals around the world. We are committed to enhancing quality of life while relieving emotional stress and financial burden on the less fortunate.

 "I have a lot of love for my country, and Mike is doing a lot of great work. I support him 100%.” – Garcelle Beauvais (actress)

Our Mission

Our Mission

As a non-profit organization, the Hope for Them Foundation delivers more than just hope to those who need it. Our organization visits disaster-stricken areas around the world and works with the local health institutions including to bring aid in several weakened areas including healthcare. Healthcare facilities including cancer treatment centers, hospitals, schools, and clinics and their patients are common program focuses for the Hope for Them Foundation. Hope for Them also supports existing humanitarian systems, and oversees several campaigns to build newer, more specialized systems in local areas to address the unique needs of the afflicted community. With your partnership, Hope for Them can continually work inside our communities and outside our borders to bring about specialized changed for this generation and the next.

Our Vision

A world where children living in poverty have equal opportunities to create a brighter future for
themselves and citizens of the world.
Our mission is to create lasting change by providing much needed resources, artistic and
educational programs that will address children’s fundamental and basic needs.

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Our Partners

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