As a non-profit organization, the Hope for Them Foundation delivers more than just hope to those who need it. Our organization visits disaster-stricken areas around the world and works with the local health institutions including to bring aid in several weakened areas including healthcare. Healthcare facilities including cancer treatment centers, hospitals, schools, and clinics and their patients are common program focuses for the Hope for Them Foundation. Hope for Them also supports existing humanitarian systems, and oversees several campaigns to build newer, more specialized systems in local areas to address the unique needs of the afflicted community. With your partnership, Hope for Them can continually work inside our communities and outside our borders to bring about specialized changed for this generation and the next.

“It is an honor to be a part of the Sandy Relief projects with Hope For Them. They are doing

extraordinary work.” –

Tamara Tunie (actress, philanthropist).


Hope for Them  Foundation and Kate  Nauta 

Hope For Them Foundation: Toys & Food distribution at school In Carrefour, Haiti. Pastor Larry Mack, Kate Nauta, Ines Ferre and Mike Jean

Since its inception in 2011, we at the Hope for Them Foundation have made it our mission to continuously bring smiles, laughter, and joy to the hearts of underserved and impoverished children around the world. Hope for Them visits their communities, develops specialized campaigns, and plans community events through art, music, and creative educational programs to improve quality of life, and provide the support the beneficiaries deserve.

Impact of HFTF:
Hope for Them Foundation (HTFT) hosts an annual toy, food, and clothing drive for hundreds of children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti so that they too can have a Merry Christmas in December. Throughout the rest of the year, HFTF also partners with various musicians to visit hospitalized children to bring music to their bedsides and uplift their spirits while they receive care. School visits and community organizations to bring art, music and creative education are also organized by the Hope for Them foundation to aid in the development of children in various underserved communities. As part of our disaster relief efforts, the team has worked in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, Staten Island after Hurricane Sandy, and Hope Lodge.



Our Programs:

All programs are fully funded by the partners of HFTF through donations and volunteering of talent and resources. Hope for Them creates a variety of projects that focus on the fundamental needs of every child. With HFTF, our beneficiaries receive aid so that they can ultimately have a place to call home, access to creative education, and healthy and positive living environment.

Our Vision & Mission:  
A world where children living in poverty have equal opportunities to create a brighter future for
themselves and citizens of the world.
Our mission is to create lasting change by providing much needed resources, artistic and
educational programs that will address children’s fundamental and basic needs.
Our Programs:
We produce projects in the areas of Art, Music and School that focus on children’s fundamental
needs: a place to call home, access to creative education, a healthy and positive living
environment, and a safe community. All programs provided are funded by the partners of HFTF
through donations and volunteering of talent and resources.
Art For Them:

Connects children around the world through artistic expression.

Music For Them:

Professional and celebrity recording artists lift the spirits of terminally ill patients in hospitals through live musical performances at bedside.


School For Them: 

Responds to the immediate scholastic needs of boys and girls around the world residing in impoverished communities.



Our Partners: 

Hope for Them Foundation partners with local and international humanitarians and philanthropists within the political, musical, and the entertainment industries. Partners of HFTM include The American Red Cross and NY Cares. Hope for Them has also worked with the American Cancer Society, and the University of Rochester Medical Center in previous and ongoing events.