The Board of Governors and management of HOPE FOR THEM are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethics and conduct and promoting a culture of compliance and ethics throughout the organization.

Mike Jean,

Mike Jean is the Founder of Hope for Them Foundation, a non-profit organization uniquely designed to provide educational and artistic programs to support children and families around the globe.


As a child, Mike lived in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and witnessed firsthand the challenges of those living in impoverished communities. Upon immigrating to the United States, he partnered with the Red Cross and the United Nations to develop several fundraising strategies. He also teamed with Pras Michel to help promote and establish a fundraising campaign for JPHRO and Ben Stiller.


Mike’s career as a music producer drove him to expand the mission of Hope for Them to include artistic expression, both performative and visual. 


Mike’s mission is clear: remind sick children that someone is thinking of them, encourage young children to express themselves creatively, remind families that education is the key to success, and ensure that those with little to call their own know that they can depend on reliable and efficient support.


“We may not always have money, but we can help; we just can’t do it alone.” —Mike Jean

Judy Jhonson,

               Senior Program                               Coordinator 




Clark Marcus
Account Executive
Edeline Benjamin 

  Project Coordinator